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    What is The Rennix Weigh?

    The Rennix Weigh is a comprehensive virtual nutrition and wellness center that provides tools and resources to guide you toward your health goals. TRW combines real foods that are balanced and realistic for anyone’s lifestyle.

    Hi There, I’m Nia

    My name is Nia Rennix, founder of The Rennix
    Weigh, awarded Clinical Nutritionist, and Food
    Security Specialist and Food Security
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    The Fundamental Guide To Urban Farming

    Benefits of Urban Farming: Urban farming gives you a sense of food security. With the many challenges the US economy is facing, urban farming is a […]

    Maple Water

    Do You Know About Maple Water? Also Check Here Maple Water Health Benefits   It appears to be a new trend in health beverages. The health […]

    Is Following A Vegan Diet Healthy?

    We humans are naturally carnivorous. We are meat lovers by nature. The idea of eating vegetables and fruits alone might make most of us cringe. So […]

    The Importance Of WATER!

    How much water should we truly be drinking? Water is life. People can live without food for couple of days, but without liquid, it is simply not […]

    Juicing Or Smoothies: What’s The Difference?

    Smoothies and juices are both loaded with nutrients and taste fabulous. While they do have the same properties as the fruits or vegetables in their raw […]

    Orthorexia: Can Eating Healthy Really Be A Disorder?

    We are always said to eat healthy because it has many positive effects on our body. Eating healthy can lead to major improvements in our overall […]

    Chewing Gum: Good Or Bad?

    History of gum Chewing gum is regarded to be among the oldest candies produced by humans. Prehistoric people were known to have chewed on tree resin […]

    Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Cauliflower!

    Check Here the Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Cauliflower! Are you Looking Nutritional Benefits Of Cauliflower? Are you Looking Health Benefits Of Cauliflower?   Cauliflower is […]

    Health Benefits of Low Carb Diets

    Check Here Health Benefits of Low Carb Diets   The importance of a low-carb diet to our health cannot be overemphasized. A low-carb diet is a […]

    How To Manage Blood Sugar Naturally

    Maintaining blood glucose levels balanced is vital for keeping energy levels and prevent complications related to diabetes. Dietary modifications, such removing specific foods and lifestyle modifications, […]

    Hormones And Their Role In Weight Loss

    A slight hormonal imbalance may have a substantial effect on different functions in the body including metabolism. Being overweight/underweight can disrupt hormones, which makes it difficult […]

    Health Benefits Of Turmeric

    History Turmeric is also known as golden spice. The history of turmeric is ancient, and it has been in use for thousands of years and has […]

    Benefits Of Avocado

    Here are 5 Reasons Why Avocados Should Be Part of Your Diet Plus, suggestions on how best to incorporate this superfood in your meals! In the […]

    Manuka Honey

    8 Reasons Why You Should Jump In On The Manuka Honey Health Trend Seriously, the benefits of this monofloral honey will blow you away. If you […]

    Obalon Balloon

    Obalon Balloon System: Is It Worth It? Get the skinny on the latest weight loss procedure. It’s not a surprise that staying healthy in this day […]

    Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake

    You are going to love this cake. It’s simple and easy to make, which makes it the perfect cake to make for brunch or just a […]

    Wine Flour

    Wine Flour is the Pantry Staple You Never Knew You Needed Get to know this hot super food, stat! Having zero waste is an important movement […]

    Fish Tacos

    Blackened Fish Tacos with Sriracha Mayo Okay, so here’s the scoop on my experience with fish tacos. A few of my friends and I went to […]

    Lemon Tart Recipe

    Lemons! Lemons! Lemons! For the last couple of weeks, I have been obsessed with lemons. Lemon, candles, Feta dip with basil & lemon, lemon pie, lemon […]

    Rosemary Raisin Crackers

    Rosemary Raisin Crackers I am a big fan of crackers and if you’re on TRW program, most store-bought crackers are a No-No! Therefore, I had to […]

    What Is The Relationship Between PCOS, Acanthosis Nigricans, And Healthy Eating?

    What Is The Relationship Between PCOS, Acanthosis Nigricans, And Healthy Eating?   Acanthosis Nigricans and PCOS The female reproductive system relies on a very specific balance […]

    What Are The Benefits Of Beetroot Powder?

    Beetroot Powder Beetroot is quickly emerging as a breakout superfood and with great reason. Beetroot is a low carbohydrate and packed with lots of nutrients that […]

    Diabetic Foot Consultations

    Diabetic Foot Consultations   Diabetic Foot Consultations, Diabetes Foot Care Tips, Diabetes Foot Care, diabetes foot specialist Preventing Foot Complications from Diabetes Damage to the feet’s […]

    Media + Brand Partnerships

    Media + Brand Partnerships Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad […]

    Virtual Nutrition Classes

    Virtual Nutrition Classes Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim […]

    Rennix Weigh On Demand

    Rennix Weigh On Demand Our Most Popular Service Feel like a celebrity by having your very own RW Nutrition Coach at your Fingertips — Just a […]

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