7 Signs That You Need to Dump Your Doctor

All doctors are very different in how they treat patients, from their medical advice to their personal medical style. 

While the medical ability of doctors is not often written on their faces, however, there are noticeable signs to watch out for to find out if your doctor is right for you. 

On many occasions, the depth of knowledge or education of doctors rarely matters to the patient. Other factors such as compatibility, friendliness, are often the features that turn most patients off.

Just as certain features depict the Excellency of doctors, of which a long-term relationship is anchored. However, there are some significant signs, that when displayed, strictly demands the halting and termination of services and connection.

Below are a few of these signs:

  • Poor punctuality

Preparedness and punctuality are the two most important virtue of a medical personnel. And when you find this trait missing in your doctor be sure you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Do you find yourself waiting for too long when you go to see your doctor? Or perhaps you find your doctor strolling in hours past opening time and in the most lackadaisical way? If yes, then there certainly is a need to critically review your doctor or even dump him for another.

A responsible doctor should respect the time and keep to the jurisdiction of the slatted appointment.

When your doctor repeatedly flatters the jurisdiction of the slatted appointment, then he or she reflects irresponsibility because punctuality is the soul of business.

  • Preempts Agitation and Rush

When you turn to see the doctor comes, does it seem like they are too busy to attend to you? Do they rush through your case, not lending a listening ear to your details? Are they dismissive of your complaints?

Whenever you observe your doctor exhibiting a repeated trend of rush, panic and agitation, then the red button must be pressed – because such medical practitioners would find it very difficult to counsel you effectively.

Therefore, a switch to a much calmer and listening doctor would yield more efficacy.

  • Ignites Confusion and anxiety

Are you in a mix when the more hours you spend with your doctor, the more confused you become? Does every meeting with your doctor become more blurry than previous, leaving you baffled? Then there is undoubtedly a problem.

Though some health conditions could be very complicated, every competent doctor is supposed to explain to you the problem and provide a straightforward elucidation on your situation, whether trivial or complicated.

If your doctor does not give an elaborate explanation about your condition and gives flimsy excuses such do another test, wait for another week, observe your body for a month etc.  then you need to move on to another doctor.

  • Poor collation and Records of your medical history

Every responsible medical practitioner is an ardent custodian of details. Whenever you are with your doctor, observe his shelves and his record shelves. Are they well tidy? Or unkempt and littered? Because of how he values his records is how he is going to handle his patients.

Especially for regular patients, your doctor is liable to consult your medical history before giving out medication to you, and even for new patients, the medical record is vital.

If you find your doctor administering treatment casually without thorough inquiry and consultation of medical records, then this is a bold signal, that you need to change that doctor.

  • Poor coordination and Cooperation with other healthcare Officers

Every sector of health care plays a significant role in the lives of every patient. Your doctor, as well as every other medical personnel, and specialist, are involved in the process of making you feel better.

And every competent doctor must at least have a good friendship with his colleagues when you observe that strains with many of his colleagues and refuses to refer you to a specialist even when it is necessary.

In such cases, find a new doctor.

  • Slow/No Response to treatment

Your doctor’s primary duty is to cure you, at least provide you with the right medications. If you are not getting better or feeling better, then your doctor must be questioned. Healthcare strategy, unlike religion, can be changed from day to day, and in the same vein, physicians can be changed as well.

Do you want to get well soon? Then you must critically analyze your health condition if no improvement then the indicators are evident that you need to change, your doctor and even your hospital.

  • Unfamiliar with the latest technology

Inherently, change is constant. The medical world is on the front fear of technological advancement, and this has also enhanced effective treatment.

But sadly, most doctors are archaic and are rarely abreast with the latest findings on their field. This set of practitioners will undoubtedly be lag inefficiency and may not be able to proffer expertise solution to some health challenges.

Try as much as possible to test the information level of your doctor and do not hesitate to dump if found archaic and unknowledgeable about the latest changes.

Other signs:

  • Over Spiritualizing health matters

Healthcare science is different from spiritual aid. One is based on research and findings, while the other is based on divinity and supernatural encounters.

However, be very careful when your doctor overly and consistently promotes spirituality over his profession; it might just be a bold indicator of incompetency.

  • Dressing and Appearance

A competent doctor is often conscious of his/her appearance. When you find your doctor often Haggard and unkempt, then you have to be careful.


Health is a tour of no gamble. You are either healthy or not. Often, people tend to feel guilty when changing their doctors.

For this reason, you must be decisive when approaching issues relating to your health. You need to be unemotional and very selective when it comes to scouting for competent doctors. 

By taking hold of the afore information and carefully scanning your doctor with useful templates, you can effectively make a wise decision.

Nia Rennix

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