Benefits of avocado

December 31, 2019

Benefits of avocado


Nia Rennix

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Here are 5 Reasons Why Avocados Should Be Part of Your Diet

Plus, suggestions on how best to incorporate this superfood in your meals!

In the last couple of months, avocados have taken the centerstage when it comes to healthy eating. Skeptical? Do us a favor and go to Instagram and type the hashtag #avocados. Now, who knew this mighty green fruit would take the health nuts by storm? Well, we’re not complaining! We’re actually celebrating the many benefits this superfood brings.

So if you’re looking for reasons to join the bandwagon or tips on how to ease this fruit into your meals, read on. You might just fall head over heels in love with this fine single-seeded berry.

  1. Avocados are oozing with nutrients.

These babies are filled to the brim with vitamins C, E, B-6 and K plus magnesium, potassium, riboflavin and pantothenic acid. You’re basically taking in a multi-vitamin with a single serving of an avocado. Now, do you still wonder why it’s considered a superfood?

Avo-mazing Meal Tip: Slowly ease avocados in your diet by using it as a substitute for butter when baking! Avocados are amazingly high on fat which is why it’s an awesome sub for the famous baking shortening. Create healthier chocolate chip cookies or yummy blueberry muffins with avocados on your side.

2. Avocados improve your digestion and detoxification.

Studies have shown that avocados are great in detoxifying and making sure bowel movements are regular. It is also very high in fiber, with 6-7 grams of fiber present in one avocado. Eating food that are naturally high in fiber helps keep constipation and irregular bowel movements at bay. Plus, it helps maintain a clean and clear colon!

Avo-mazing Meal Tip: Into smoothies? Try the Avocado Banana Green Shake! Just toss 1 large banana, ½ an avocado, a scoop of plain vanilla powder (or ice cream, if you’re feeling frisky) and some of your fave greens (try kale or spinach) and blend them altogether. Tadah! Say hello to your newest favorite yummy shake!

3. Avocados are good for the heart!

Avocados are known to have beta-sitosterol, a natural plant that helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. This superfood is also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which lowers blood pressure, reduce blood clotting and decrease triglycerides. Want a healthy heart? Munch on some avocado – stat!

Avo-mazing Meal Tip: One of the trendiest avocado-based meals that’s taken the world by storm is the avocado toast! Mash some avocado, spread it on some wheat toast and add whatever toppings you want. From poached eggs to smoked salmon or sweet strawberries, make an avocado toast that’s all yours!

4. Avocados help make your bones stronger.

We mentioned earlier that avocados are packed with vitamin K, which is a particular vitamin that helps keep your bones strong. Foods that are naturally packed with vitamin K helps keep bones absorb calcium and reduce its urinary excretion.

Avo-mazing Meal Tip: Double up your sources of calcium and vitamin K by creating a milky avocado dessert! Just slice up some avocados, squeeze some line juice on them, add condensed milk and toss them all together in one bowl. Store the bowl quickly inside a freezer and voila! You’ve got a simple but super yummy healthy dessert.

5. Avocados help keep the big “C” away.

Avocados are also a good source of folate – an amazing nutrient that helps in pregnancy and keeping cancer at bay. It has been proven to be great at helping prevent colon, cervical, stomach and pancreatic cancers. 

Avo-mazing Meal Tip: Create your own smoothie bowl with the help of some avocados! Just toss some in your smoothie bowl recipe and notice just how tad creamier it’s gotten. Plus, the health benefits are amazing, too!

Though avocados’ prices have gone up, there’s a reason why more and more health nuts are stocking up on this superfood. It’s packed with so much good stuff plus it tastes pretty amazing, too! So what are you waiting for? Try to give this fruit a spin and have a blast while you’re at it!

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