Can I Catch Cold from Standing out in the Rain?

September 15, 2020

Can I Catch Cold from Standing out in the Rain?


Nia Rennix

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Right from the childhood, we all have been told to not stand out in the rain. You must have been warned several times about the dangers of catching a bad cold or even a flu if you get drenched in the rain. And, despite the warnings and threats you probably did enjoy dancing and playing in the rain when you were a child! But, as an adult, don’t you often wonder if standing out in the rain can truly give you a cold or not?

The answer, in short, is a thumping no. You cannot catch cold just from standing out in the rain. However, reading only this short answer is not a good idea. You probably remember a simple cause-effect relation from your childhood days. If you did get wet in the rain, it usually led to a cold or a fever. Do you wonder why? Read on to find out the reasons.

There are a number of things that happen to your body when you stand out in the rain.

  1. Body temperature falls

Your body keeps itself at a constant, warm temperature to prevent germs from multiplying and attacking you. When you get drenched in the rain, your body temperature falls and this creates an ideal condition for viruses and bacteria to breed.

2. Humidity goes down

Cold weather is usually drier. When it rains, the humidity in the ambient air goes down and the air inside your nasal passage becomes much less humid too. Humidity and heat are two potent enemies of the germs that cause you to catch a cold. So, standing in the rain will take away these two effective barriers from you.

3. Ideal condition for germs to breed

You do not actually catch a cold from being out in cold rain. There has to be germs in your body or around you for you to fall sick. Without heat and humidity, your body becomes cold and the air in your nasal canal turns dry. This is the ideal breeding ground for viruses that cause the common cold or influenza. The germs multiply fast in your body, giving you stuffy nose, pounding headache, and a bad cold, often with fever. The fever is just the body’s immune system increasing the temperature in a bid to kill off the germs.

So, does that mean that you will never break into a dance in the rain? Or, will you have to forbid your children from playing out in the first rains of the season? No! Do not miss out on the blissful experiences of life. There are certain things that you can do in order protect yourself from catching a cold even when you are dripping wet in the rain.

4. Take a warm shower

You can still enjoy yourself in the rain as the rain or the cold is not making you ill. Just make sure that you are giving yourself a warm shower or bath, right after you come out of the rain. Also, remember to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner after your dancing spree in the rain. Towel dry your body and blow dry your hair well to prevent those germs from attacking you.

5. Have some soup

Since the main issue with standing in the rain is your body temperature falling down, you have to find a way to warm up your body. Have some hot chicken soup to ward off the cold. If you prefer beverages, have a cup of ginger tea, which is infused with goodness to fight against cold. Even hot chocolate will help you under these circumstances.

So, now that you are armored with the right kind of tips, you can bravely go out in the rain and not be afraid of catching the cold anymore.

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