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Covid-19 Vs. Food Security; Are we Safe?

The Coronavirus pandemic has reeled a significant blow to the health sector. However, much more than the health sector, it’s gripping effect has also been felt on the economy.

The world is faced with a sudden economic crisis of which food security is a kingpin and has become a conquest of uncertainty. According to the UN’s food program report, more than 130 million people could face massive food insecurity by the end of 2020; This is just in addition to the 135 million people faced with hunger and food insecurity before the pandemic.

Food availability has been a significant issue in the world for decades, still the solutions have barely been provided. Measures such as aids, food reserves, and food importation must be implored to reduce global food insecurity.

 With the pandemic unveiling, it’s viciousness global exportation and Importation have been greatly cowered down.

With the growing lockdown issued worldwide, trading and production level have taken a huge hit, resulting in a rise in food insecurity.

Who’s affected?

As the pandemic keeps increasing and lockdown measures become tighter, millions are being affected, especially among the low and middle-class earners.

Below is a compilation of the sect that is threatened by these global challenges.

  • The Poor and Middle-Class Globally

Much more than any sect of the population, the low and middle class face grave challenges as the pandemic worsens.

According to CNBC, 47 million working-class Americans are at risk of losing their job; this means that a significant proportion of the population might find it difficult to afford a 3 square meal.

  • Children and state-sponsored children’s meals

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) serves lunch to 29.8 million school children every day. The School Breakfast Program (SBP) provides breakfast to 14.71 million students every day.

As schools remain closed under the wake of Covid-19, it is a tough time for those parents who count on the schools to feed their children.

  • Sub-Saharan African Countries

Three hundred and seventy-seven million Africans live below two dollars a day. Africa remains a massive threshold in the fight against COVID 19.

With the pandemic leasing a severe blow to the economy, and prices increasing daily, it is no surprise that many in Africa would find it difficult to feed.

  • Peasant Farmers and Retailers

Due to the lockdown restrictions, the global agricultural markets have experienced inactivity.

Peasant farmers cannot travel to their farmlands, and their products cannot be shipped across the markets.

This stringent restriction leads to food insecurity and other crisis.

Food Security: the bottom line

Every global and Nationwide pandemic comes with a crumbling effect on the economy. International trade, businesses, and the inflation rate are often the first to get hit. With revenues and return on investment dropping, experts believe we are in for another great depression gradually reducing.

But much more endangering is the high-level risk of food insecurity. However, to reduce food insecurity, several things must be done.

Below are a few:

  • Opening the international and local markets periodically

Lockdown or hunger? This has been the question of the masses. For food security, the markets must be opened at regular intervals.

This will help in the exportation and circulation of food and agricultural products all over the world.

  • Food Aids and Delivery

According to the UN, more than 831 million people suffered from hunger in 2018 with the increasing threats of food insecurity due to the pandemic; more persons might likely suffer from hunger.

To curb this, the government and foreign bodies must endeavor to provide food aids.


The Virus Vs. Food security is a formidable bout that may never end. The UN warns that more than 130 million people might suffer from chronic hunger due to the pandemic.

It is paramount; the world needs to focus its attention towards enacting measures that would enhance food security and prevent the rapid spread of hunger as the world comes to terms with this virus.

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