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Everything You Need to Know About Multivitamins

If you are someone who is careful about their health, you are very likely to be interested about multivitamins. Now, what do multivitamins do for you? What are they composed of? Is there any potential risk associated with intake of multivitamins? Let’s take a closer look at multivitamins today.

What are multivitamins

Multivitamins are dietary supplements that help to guard against various nutritional deficiencies and diseases brought upon by such deficiencies. There is no fixed composition of multivitamins regulated by any governing body but in general, they contain a wide array of vitamins, minerals alongside other useful ingredients. Multivitamins come in different forms and each type has a specific dosage associated with it for best results. You need to read the labels very carefully when you start taking them.

Multivitamins contain at least 100% of the recommended daily value for different vitamins and minerals. In fact, most of the multivitamins include much more than the required 100% of the vitamins and minerals. This is done to compensate for the loss of some nutrients during absorption into your bloodstream. Your body cannot function at 100% efficiency and absorb all that you make available to it. Also, the individual components interfere a lot with each other’s absorption and this prevents usage of all the vitamins and minerals that you ingest.

There are two types of vitamins and minerals, fat-soluble and water-soluble. If you exceed the prescribed limit for the water-soluble components, the surplus is excreted through your urine and there is no harm done to you. However, some vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, K and minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. are fat-soluble. So, if you ingest too much of these, the excess can be stored in different tissues leading to toxicity and complications. That is why buying them from a reputed manufacturer and taking them in correct dosage are of utmost importance.

Benefits of multivitamins

Multivitamins bring to you a whole lot of health benefits. You may hear often that a balanced diet is supposed to provide you with all the necessary nutrients, but there is always a risk of faulty absorption or partial deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Taking a multivitamin can act like a safety net that can cover up for these little gaps which can otherwise add up to invite bigger problems.

Some of the benefits that you can expect from multivitamins are given below.

  1. Boosts brain health

Deficiency of key nutrients can often expedite degeneration of memory and neurons in older adults. A multivitamin can effectively guard against such problems. The lack of proper nutrition can also mess up your mood and bring upon problems like anxiety and depression. If you take a multivitamin supplement, it can boost your brain health and help to improve your general mood.

  • Good for eyes

Different problems of the eye like formation of cataract, macular degeneration, etc. are related to aging and deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. Taking a multivitamin can give your eye health much-needed boost and prevent the onset of such diseases.

  • Helps to minimize risk of cancer

Multivitamins can help to reduce complex issues like DNA damage which is often responsible for cancer. They can often successfully inhibit the growth of cancer-causing elements in your body. However, you need to consult your doctor before you zero down on a multivitamin as the need varies from person to person. Unmonitored usage of multivitamin can even be dangerous in some cases.

  • Helps to minimize chances of heart attack

Some multivitamins can help to regulate blood pressure and take care of your cardiac health. Taking the right multivitamin can even prevent a heart attack for you.

  • Improves bone health

Multivitamin supplements are often helpful for people with weak bone health. These people are in danger of missing out important nutrients which can go on to invite painful diseases of the bone. Taking multivitamins can keep your bones in robust health and prevent diseases.

Should you take multivitamins

Most people benefit from taking multivitamins. The modern lifestyle makes sure that are gaps in your nutrition and the added stress prevents proper absorption of the vitamins and minerals in your GI tract. Also, apart from offering you a blanket protection against various deficiencies, multivitamins can help to speed up metabolism and support cellular health.

Although most adults will benefit from taking multivitamins, there are some groups with certain conditions, who mandatorily need to take these to counter the health risks. Some of these groups are mentioned below.

  1. Middle-aged or older people
  2. Vegans or vegetarians
  3. People with malabsorptive diseases
  4. People with wasting diseases
  5. People with alcoholism
  6. People with liver or kidney problems
  7. People who underwent Gastric bypass surgery
  8. People with osteoporosis
  9. People who are trying to get pregnant
  10. People with genetic disorders

What to watch out for

Always get your multivitamins from a reputed brand and it is the best to run them by your doctor once. Since multivitamins are not controlled by the food safety bodies, there is no telling which brand is providing what percentage of the vitamins and minerals. Some brands use unsafe dyes while some brands might overload their products with too much sugar. Moreover, there is the issue of toxicity to watch out for. But if you take multivitamins of a good brand and in correct dosage, then you can be sure that the positives hugely outweigh the negatives.


Multivitamins are dietary supplements that aim to fill up the nutritional gaps. Thus, they can help to prevent various diseases and give your general health a good boost. Most adults benefit a lot from taking multivitamins and if you are someone with special conditions, then it can be even compulsory for you to take them every day. Start them as soon as you can, if you are not taking them already.

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