Manuka honey

December 31, 2019

Manuka honey


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8 Reasons Why You Should Jump In On The Manuka Honey Health Trend

Seriously, the benefits of this monofloral honey will blow you away.

If you haven’t heard of Manuka honey, then you are definitely missing out. Health buffs have been raving about this organic produce from New Zealand because of its numerous health benefits.

Manuka honey, which bees gather nectar and pollen from the Manuka bush in New Zealand, is growing steadily popular because it is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids. Because of this, people are starting to see its many benefits and uses in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Read on to know more about what Manuka honey can do for you and why you should start heading to the local market for it.

Benefits of Manuka Honey

  1. It can soothe stomach pains due to acid reflux. 

Manuka honey is known to have high antimicrobial content so if you are suffering from acid reflux, gastritis, small intestine bacterial growth or low stomach acid, taking in a spoonful of this honey will help subside pain and discomfort. It is also said that Manuka honey has healing properties, which can help address intestinal imbalances.

2. It boosts the body’s immunity.  

There is a reason why Manuka honey is already present in daily supplements and it is because it is a great source of vitamins to help strengthen one’s immune system. People who ingest Manuka honey are less likely to get sick because of its immune-boosting properties.

3. It prevents tooth decay and gingivitis.

Studies have come out from the School of Dentistry at the University of Otago in New Zealand that chewing or sucking on Manuka honey can help prevent tooth decay and suffering from gingivitis. Because it has antimicrobial properties, Manuka honey helps strengthen teeth and gums.

4. It prevents further damage in the colon.  

If you know someone who suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), recommend a daily intake of Manuka honey to help ease the pain and eventually help restore structural damage. This healthy honey can help repair colon lining due to chronic IBD, as well.

5. It can help address skin acne and eczema.

For people who have really bad acne or eczema, it is said that applying Manuka honey on the affected areas for a couple of minutes in the day may help in decreasing further inflammation.

6. It can treat burns and wounds.

Similar to Manuka being able to help address acne, it can also speed up the healing process of burns and wounds. In extreme cases, it can even help burn victims in noticeably lessening recovery time. With its healing properties, stocking up on Manuka honey should be part of your first aid arsenal.

7. It helps soothe sore throat and cough.

Taking a spoonful of this particular honey can help soothe sore throat and prevent coughs. Thanks to its immune-boosting properties, Manuka honey can help prevent you from catching the common cough and colds.  

8. It can help brighten your skin.

Manuka honey has a 4.5 ph level, making it very safe to use as a cleanser or as a facial mask. It is mild enough to be used on a daily basis and its antibacterial and antifungal properties will definitely help smoothen your skin. Plus, honey is known to help brighten one’s skin!

Manuka honey is definitely a versatile gift from nature. Not taking advantage of an organic produce as nifty as this would be putting the bees’ hard work to shame. So stock up on this amazing product and maximize its healthy uses, quick!

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