Maple Water

October 18, 2019

Maple Water


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It appears to be a new trend in health beverages. The health specialists agree that the new launch provides coconut water with a real run for its money, as individuals who have already consumed maple water are enormous fans of its delicate sweet flavor and impressed with its unlimited health benefits and being naturally quite low in sugar. It appears to be a new trend in health beverages. It is interesting to understand that Native American and North American explorers have been drinking coconut water for centuries, its taken this long for it to turn into a fully fledged brewed beverage sold across the planet. We believe its been worth the wait, however, we can not get enough of the stuff. Nutritionists have contrasted the health advantages of maple water and coconut water and have concluded that they are quite similar about the water’s nutrient breakdown.

Maple water vs. Coconut water

Both Maple and Coconut water include electrolytes, potassium, and phytonutrients. The compound that distinguishes maple water out of coconut water is saponin that is the first compound linked to keeping healthy blood glucose levels. After trying both, we probably love maple water over coconut water about a stand-alone beverage to enjoy on its own since it is yummy and does not have that odd aftertaste that coconut water will possess. However, having stated that could nevertheless opt for coconut oil when adding to smoothies and juices because of its more fruit established flavor. The immense health benefits and naturally low sugar content makes Maple Water a complete winner.

Maple water Production

Production of maple water is entirely dependant on weather conditions and as a result of this maple trees are only harvested throughout the springtime. It is a very straightforward process; sap is taken in the tree and carefully stored below 40 degrees to guard its goodness. Its then taken to the manufacturing plant and bottled. Maple sap is the sole ingredient in maple water, and absolutely no nasties are additional.

How it is Processed

It is extracted from the maple tree below rigorous harvesting routine; the maple water flows through plastic pipes in the tree to some demanding pre-filter. It is subsequently moved by cistern truck into the treatment center in which the pine is drained into a refrigerated stainless steel tank and sterilized. The pure and fresh maple water is packed in under 24 hours.


Love it chilled or with sparkling water. Hydrate following a workout, use it in smoothies or as part of your favorite cocktail recipe. It can also be utilized in cooking for a stock or replacement for wine in sauces when decreased over a gentle heat. Also, it can be used in baking to bring a small maple twist to tasty treats.

Maple water Health Benefits

100% pure maple water comprises over 46 bioactive nutrients, such as phytonutrients unique to shrub waters. These nutrients, such as 25+ phytonutrients, nine nutritional supplements, 11 amino & amino acids, Help improve immune health, help in preventing degenerative diseases and behave as a prebiotic to support gastrointestinal health.

Maintain Blood pressure

There are studies to suggest that Maple Water assists the immune system also supports to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol because it contains flavonoids that are full of antioxidants and this can flush out contaminants and other constituents in the kidneys and liver.

Boost Immune System

Additionally, there are connections between the immune system and pressure consequently if the immune system is controlled subsequently pressure levels also decline. One other important compound is saponin which reduces cholesterol by binding to bile acids and enables absorption and preventing the reabsorption. Additionally, there are claims to imply that the Water aids problems linked to the immune system like diarrhea, constipation and kidney stones.

Skin problems

Recent studies have shown that acne and psoriasis have been improved by utilizing Maple sap as a moisturizer and even swallowing the liquid has several health benefits. Maple Water can rejuvenate the skin tissues and enhances the feel of skin. It can also help consequences brought on by inflammation. Previously, Germans used Maple leaves to treat skin diseases and wounds since it hauled excessive water out of tissues.

Anti-aging agent

Maple water has also made promises to assist the older in stimulating ligaments and muscles. Not just this but also, it decreases the symptoms of aging — no longer anti-aging lotions needed! It is a natural moisturizer which may also be employed as a skin lotion.


Maple water has no side effects as a replacement for coconut water. It is quite successful in preventing most health problems. It may be not a complete cure for many health issues. Researchers are working to explore the hidden benefits of maple water although lots of health benefits have revealed. It might not entirely cure baldness but will undoubtedly stop it from happening as far as possible and might not fully cure cystitis but again will assist the plan of recovery. There are apparently, external factors which also result in skin problems like acne. There is no doubt that Maple water appears to be a new trend in health beverages.

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