One-day Immunity Boosting Plan

The current Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world how important it is to have a strong immune system. It is your immune system that acts as the strongest barrier between you and any kind of potential infection. If you have been planning to incorporate some changes into your diet in order to boost your immunity but failing to implement the plan, then now would be a good time to take charge. Follow this simple diet cum lifestyle plan for 1 day to give your immune system a boost.

Step 1: Wake up early and practice deep breathing for 5-10 minutes. Follow it up with a couple of stretching and freehand exercises for 10 more minutes. Then go out for a run in the park for 20 minutes. If you are confined to home at the moment then simply go out to your balcony or to an open window and keep doing free hand exercises for 20 minutes. A simple investment of 40 minutes in the morning can offer multiple health benefits ranging from better blood circulation to stronger respiratory system.

Step 2: Take a quick shower in lukewarm water and have a healthy breakfast.

You can consult the guidelines for food safety in the following link: https://www.cdc.gov/foodsafety/.

Your first meal in the day is the most important one and you must include two portions of whole fruit in it. Do not drink juice. In fact, you have to skip coffee too. Instead, make yourself a steaming cup of ginger tea. If you are having toasted bread then make sure that you are using brown whole wheat bread. Remember you cannot have any processed food on this immunity-boosting day. So that means sausages, salamis, and bacon are off the table!

Step 3: Ok, you are allowed to do your normal work on this day so you can spend your usual hours on your job. However, if your job needs you to sit in front of a laptop, try to get up after every 20 minutes and stretch your legs and arms for a minute.

Step 4: If you get a strong urge to snack, munch on a crunchy apple or eat a fresh orange. Any kind of citrus fruit will be an excellent food item to curb that mid-morning hunger pang.

Step 5: You have to go without a smoke today. Sorry. But that is the rule!

Step 6: It is time for a light and healthy lunch. Include freshly cooked veggies and lean portions of meat in this meal. Try to have a portion of sautéed broccoli. Add garlic as the flavoring agent. It is an incredible agent to boost your immunity.

Step 7: In the evening you may feel that urge to go out for a smoke. But nope, it is not allowed. Read a small article instead. Or, a short story. Or, solve a crossword puzzle. It is refreshing and improves your mental alertness.

Step 8: If you long to reach for that packet of crisps then resist, please. Take a handful of nuts or roasted seeds. You may watch your favorite sitcom or sports. But do not spend more than an hour on the couch.

Nia Rennix

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