What is Acanthosis Nigricans?

August 15, 2020

What is Acanthosis Nigricans?


Nia Rennix

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Once taken lightly and with little urgency, the growing prevalence of acanthosis nigricans has stirred international attention to its severity, management, and treatment.

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin disease that comes with a darkened and thickened fold of velvety skin that is boldly implanted on the skin. It occurs as folds, patches, and creases on the outer body surface, such as the neck, groin, armpit, and private areas.

It is a dermatological condition that is growingly prevalent among people with darker skin pigmentation. Among African Americans, the prevalence rate surges up to 13.5%. And it’s also very prevalent among obese patients as almost 74% of the world’s overweight or obese people experience this condition.

The blackish or brownish discoloration areas appear mostly on the elbow, groin, neck, armpit, breast. Due to increased thickness and pigmentation, the regions affected by Acanthosis nigricans may seem to be like accumulated dirt along the skin’s natural lines.

First-ever Acanthosis Association

“The fear of the bullet kills faster than the gun” this ancient saying remains a stalwart truth. Many patients worldwide are usually scared of this disease because of the lack of proper education.

This skin condition is rare but can have both mild and dangerous consequences. My first encounter with this condition occurred with me. Many you may have already read somewhere online that I have this condition. I was first diagnosed with AN at the age of 16.  I have been able to reverse the symptoms due to the creation of TRW weight loss plan and regular physical movement. There is still very little research on this condition. I have studied Acanthosis Nigricans for several years and firmly decided to set up an association dedicated to raising awareness about AN disorder.

Today, millions of people around the world have positively been influenced by this initiative. And as the year goes by, our team is much more dedicated to expanding this tapestry to the public’s benefits.

And with the provision of various tools, resources, etc. education, and enlightenment is made available.

An informed person will make better decisions and stand a higher chance of enjoying better health.

Acanthosis nigricans- Causes and Symptoms

Acanthosis nigricans is a disease that can be congenital or acquired. Though very few studies have comprehensively elaborated on the details of this disease condition.

However, there some factors and conditions that are very peculiar to this skin condition. Below are some health conditions and the causatives of Acanthosis nigricans.


According to Medspace reports, more than half of the adults that weigh greater than 200% of their ideal body weight have skin conditions related to Acanthosis nigricans.

This skin condition is highly prevalent among the obese and overweight population. The obese and overweight automatically undergo specific physiological changes within the body, which triggers Acanthosis nigricans and dark patches.


      In 2000, the American diabetes association formally earmarked acanthosis nigricans as an accurate indicator of diabetes, and this is because, In this condition, there is a high-level insulin resistance, which often triggers the type 2 diabetic condition.

   The patients of Type 2 diabetes are often found with folds of discolored and velvety skin. They are highly susceptible to develop the AN disease.

Hormonal Problems

Hormonal problems or endocrine disorders are indeed one significant factor that often leads to Acanthosis nigricans. However, Insulin resistance and Addison’s disease are both leading causes behind the acanthosis nigricans.

However, the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland disorder often lead to this skin condition’s development.

In women, polycystic ovaries and cysts may occur due to hormonal imbalance, which can eventually lead to Acanthosis nigricans. Especially pregnant women, more often, are prone to hormonal swings. As a result, experience symptoms of the AN disease such as itching, patches.

Oral supplements and pills

Many oral supplements and pills do have severe side-effects on consumers. These side effects can lead to the manifestation of uncomfortable symptoms and Acanthosis nigricans disease.

Pills like birth-control pills, high-dose niacin, and prednisone are but a few examples of supplements that trigger this abnormal skin condition.

Hormone therapy and continuous self medications create room for massive vulnerability to this disease.


Studies have revealed that cancerous tumors on internal organs like the liver or stomach, ovary, and breast can make you develop Acanthosis Nigricans disease; this tends to explain why many cancerous patients develop cysts, lumps, and other skin aberration.

Malignant acanthosis is caused by cancerous cells, which triggers the proliferation of the keratoconus cells.

Other Causes of Acanthosis nigricans


Though no proven fact confirms this claim’s authenticity, there have been some reasonable findings that acanthosis nigricans can be transmitted from parents to children.

Sanitary conditions

The sanitary condition plays a significant role in healthy living. A dirty environment enhances the growth of dangerous micro bacteria, which in turn causes gruesome skin conditions.

Treatment and Management therapy

Acanthosis nigricans, unlike many other diseases, do not have an exact treatment drug. However, this condition can be effectively managed, and overtime tends to heal off.

As a result of its delicateness, it is very Paramount that patients not only address the disease but effectively implore other management mechanisms for effective treatment.

Below is a brief guideline;

Weight Reduction

Overweight and obesity are potent causatives of acanthosis nigricans. To effectively eliminate this skin condition, there must be a drastic reduction in body mass index (BMI)

This reduction in body weight often requires excellent discipline, exercise, and dietary regulation.

Cosmetic Application

There is a cosmetic angle to this skin condition too. The Use of some dermatological and topical creams helps in lightening of skin pigmentation. And treatment of the affected area. Examples of

Tropical Creams such as Kenalog, gentamicin, etc. Are very useful in soothing and healing the affected area.

Intake of Supplements

The intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, etc. help the skin pigmentation.

The abundance of this supplement in the body helps boost the immunity of the skin.


It is often said only the living can make a living. Our health is of great importance and requires adequate care.

But more important than just the treatment of skin conditions, proper education, lifestyle management, and other forms of therapy must be implored in a bid to boost our healthy living.

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Or, you can prepare a proper dressing by mixing two tablespoons of mayonnaise, two tablespoons of Greek yogurt, and a dash of olive oil. Gradually, fold the sauce into the egg mixture and end by sprinkling a little bit of kosher salt.

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Are you looking for additional support with your meal plans? Are you interested in learning what a 2-week meal plan on TRW would look like?

Do you wish you had an EBook that included the tastiest Keto- friendly bread recipes?

Are you looking for additional support with your meal plans? Are you interested in learning what a 2-week meal plan on TRW would look like?

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